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Paris Fashion Week

A few days in my article Paris Fashion Week'I'd bet from participating celebrities, the latest of designs I've done on this issue derken quite news.

New York magazine, this issue with the web page features Rihanna'or were included because the style and beauty Rihanna seems to gather attention with a bold clothing, attractive gaze and unique style trend with birleĊŸtrip creates a combined Rihanna I think it deserves, and I moadvetrend.com pages Rihanna 's Paris Fashion Week 'ndaki place to give the image of the square.

See below How do you see a jacket in the photo on Rihanna's not big and plentiful, no women's jacket as it does not stop and already properties of this year's trend is the Boyfriend concept It started with jeans but all products were reflected; Rihanna ' this trend'e Matches between.

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