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ipod + itunes iphone price nano tv watch learn more

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iPod nanos.

Curved ahead
of the curve.

For those about to rock, we give you nine amazing colors. But that’s only part of the story. Feel the curved, all-aluminum and glass design and you won’t want to put iPod nano down. Learn more

iPod nanos.

Great looks.
And brains, too.

The new Genius feature turns iPod nano into your own highly intelligent, personal DJ. It creates playlists by finding songs in your library that go great together. Learn more

iPod nanos.

Made to move
with your moves.

The accelerometer comes to iPod nano. Give it a shake to shuffle your music. Turn it sideways to view Cover Flow. And play games designed with your moves in mind. Learn more

iPod nano for $149

ipod nano starting at $ 149

start genius
add to on-the-go
browse album
browse artist
Color isn’t the only brilliant new iPod nano feature.


Color isn’t the only brilliant new iPod nano feature.

View this quicktour

iPod nano

Watch the video

iPod nano QuickTour

Genius logo.

A musical Genius.

Say you’re listening to a song you really like and want to hear other tracks that go great with it. The Genius feature finds the songs in your music library that go great together and makes a Genius Playlist for you. It’s like having your own highly intelligent, personal DJ.


Rock and roll over.

Tilt or turn iPod nano on its side, and you’ll listen, watch, and play in new ways. You can flip through your album art with Cover Flow. Or, vertically speaking, see more albums and artists on the screen at one time.

Even your photos rock.

Pull hundreds of photos from your pocket and share them wherever you go. Hold iPod nano upright and see your photos in portrait view. Turn it on its side to see them in landscape. Your photos look beautiful in their proper aspect ratio on the vibrant, 320-by-240-resolution display.

move, so they’re immersive, addictive, and a blast. iPod nano comes with Maze, which lets you work your way through vast mazes by tilting and moving. You can find even more games on the iTunes Store.

Find your music faster.

It’s even easier to find the song you want to hear. Now you can view your album art in Cover Flow. Or just press and hold the Center button to browse by album or artist. When you find the right song, press the Center button to add it to your on-the-go playlist.

Shake your groove thing.

Sometimes, we could all use a little unpredictability. And now you can shake to shuffle your music. Just give iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library. You’ll always be surprised by what you’ll hear

World’s biggest small screen.

Watching movies, TV shows, and videos is big fun on iPod nano. And the high-resolution picture looks crisp and vivid on the 2-inch widescreen display. So you can always have a little video with you.

ipod + itunes iphone price nano tv watch learn more

Pirra's Pearls - Mass Market

Pyrrha’s Pearls Pirra's Pearls

As if I wasn’t already impressed after Vancouver-based Pyrrha was featured in The New York Times , owners Danielle Wilmore and Wade Papin have gone and released their largest-ever collection of pearl jewellery ( from $300, pyrrha.com ). Como si yo no estaba impresionado ya después de Vancouver a base de Pirra apareció en The New York Times, los propietarios Danielle Wilmore y Wade Papin han puesto en libertad y su cada vez mayor colección de joyería de perlas (de $ 300, pyrrha.com). I’ll be layering several long strands of aubergine-, wasabi- and dark sapphire-dyed freshwater pearls with a short ivory choker for an edgy, grunge–meets– Gossip Girl look. ¡Ya varias capas largas hebras de repollo-, wasabi y zafiro oscuro teñido de perlas de agua dulce con una breve marfil choker de un nervioso, grunge, cumple Gossip Girl-ver. presentación de diapositivas de imágenes

Photography by Clinton Hussey Fotografía de Clinton Hussey

Read Rebecca Tay's blog, The Styled West . Rebecca Leer el blog de Tay, El estilo del Oeste.

Mass Market

After a successful run this spring, Vancouver’s Portobello West is holding its sophomore Calgary market this month ( September 12 to 14, Big Four Building, presentación de diapositivas de imágenesportobellowest.com ). Después de una exitosa ejecutar esta primavera, Vancouver del oeste de Portobello está celebrando su segundo Calgary mercado este mes (septiembre de 12 a 14, cuatro grandes Building, portobellowest.com). Look for wares by Vancouver and Alberta designers—I’ll be grabbing the handmade Molly clutch by Calgary’s Natalie Gerber ( shown, $45 each, nataliegerber.ca ). Busque productos de Vancouver y Alberta diseñadores-I'll ser el acaparamiento de la mano de Molly embrague Calgary's Natalie Gerber (que se muestra, $ 45 cada una, nataliegerber.ca).

Photography by Clinton Hussey Fotografía de Clinton Hussey

Read Rebecca Tay's blog, The Styled West . Rebecca Leer el blog de Tay, El estilo del Oeste.

Adidas Ayakkabı - Ayakkabı Kelimesi ve Modelleri Salvo 1

Moda yı yakından takip edenelerin uğrak bir yeri olmalı derken bu blogumu sizin için biraz moda style şeklinede çeviricem adidas 2008 ayakkabı modelleri noitsuka tiger ayakkabılra nike spor ayakkabı modelleri , bayan ve erkek ayakkabı koleksyonları hepsi burada :)

Adidas'ın birbirinden şık modelleri

bayan adidas koleksyonu 2008

adidas süperstar modeli ve bayan ayakkabı modelleri