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Groom Suit / 2009-2010

In Turkey suit at first we thought the brands requested something that Groom 2009/2010 Unveiled the autumn-winter season. Very stylish and trend The suit has a collection Groom As every year this year suit will be one of the resort looks like yerleriden.
Most striking of the season products, different collar and lapel cut and form around the body used garnilerinin and provide a more narrow view and one that suit jackets ...

Groom'tan tailored, 100% Eco-friendly "Bio-Tech" Collection

Groom Fall Winter 09/10 collection, the range of the main fabric, custom woven supporting the use of environmentally sensitive and functional wool and wool blended "Bio-Tech" fabrics creates. This very special fabrics designed suitsTrousers and one jacket all the advantages provided by high technology and glossy texture, although does not contain any chemicals.

Environmentally friendly and 100% wool "Bio-Tech" products can be prepared easily worn fabrics, does not wrinkle easily and has a high usage. "Bio-Tech" products as well as Groom The wool-silk and wool Autumn Winter 09/10 Collection-cashmere blended fabrics, the leading recommendations of the season.

Groom suits The chalk lines are blurring in the main design collection and macro - micro plaid Games. Painstakingly designed lining up in the fillet of marrow inside the suit of work as impressive as the exterior.

Groom 09.10 Fall-Winter Collection of shirts from the finest woven fibers 'two-ply' are made up of fabric. Liners used in the body and neck with different patterns and color contrast groom collection offers a unique style.
And yet the groom, gives energy, keep cool, which does not wrinkle and stain-resistant nano-technology using intensive daily life creature living with shirt collectionfrom side to side; offers different solutions.

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