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Lens and Lens Colors

Women meaning, and for good convergence in a thousand ways we'll be wrong sölemiş; To look nice For the hair is dyed, make-up is performed, and many are dressed in pretty good combination, as they are with people themselves want to bring even more beautiful still, now that one of these materials Lens URLs Let's bet.
Lens deciding to take ask au must come to our mind.

What color lens should I take?
What to consider when buying lenses should dikket?
Which colors I choose worthy wonder

Lens URLs Is there damage to the eye health?
Lens How to
Numbered, and colored contact lenses are?

How is mounted lens?

A lot of us eyes We believe that special meaning, and always make your eyes look yaprken and is very very important and it's eyes to meet even more special and beautiful shape Lens'leri use. Lens Colors To say that we do not end with the main colors the; blue, green, black, brown and the like, except that many many color now under the heading below mevcutki variety ilizyon resimdede will see that can not be defined as different colors jollify diyebilirz eyes are.

Subject eye health for lens Use a separate issue from them, of course, who does not have health always comes before everything. But this does not mean that in health Lens using renklendirilmiycek eyes; again by doctors with appropriate lens colors According to property or the proposed what I think. Şunuda is correct to specify the subject; Lens If you decide to take an absolutely sağlıkcıya consult my skin, both in terms of health and beauty.

Upper In photos; America 'lı famous and beautiful artist Rihanna's eyes bakarmısın Lenses What a charming and gorgeous looks, seems in harmony with dark skin have made a good choice I think.

Above the lens colors Gray, light green, violet, dark green, honey color, light blue and dark blue colors.

Elegance Lens colors dark blue, light blue, light green, gray, dark green, hazel colors Elegance is located in the category.

Here Alan Place Lens Options; blue, blue, violet, gray, green, brown colors.

Illusionary Lens Colors ; Sapphire blue, violet, water, green, bbek blue, jade, emerald green, gray, hazel, chestnut brown renkleride last ilizyon lens colors is located in the category.

What is the number-one lens?

Lens located between the options; Numbered contact lenses in two ways they can be, and color and transparent may also include more than one kind of transparent lens number. These include;


Number is used daily lenses that purpose; morning and evening wear took off. In this category, as well as the advantages of the lens also has disadvantages.



- Worn only once every morning and evening are not up to the end of the month to remove - do not wear derdide.

- Always keep container has not been inserted and removed, lens protein solution and similar transactions do not need cleaning.

- Lens cleaning solution, etc.. When you first look at expenses that may seem expensive, but others almost come to the same account.

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