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Miss Selfridge catalog / jackets

One of the better brands for a long time not written news of Miss Selfridge, so many brands that I am dealing with and investigating, sometimes in front of me that I think görmeyebiliyorum great brands.

Miss Selfridge Let me give you some information about the brand;

"Early 60s, born in London, Miss Selfridge, colorful, fun and a bit of a brand of crazy. To live and dress different, appealing to young girls who love to live life full of collections of Miss Selfridge, a style unique to yourself yaratabilmenizi targets. You passionate, energetic and creative fashion adventure of a drag. "

In winter coats in the autumn of 2011 Miss Selfridge catalog by selecting some of the models I wanted to paylamş with you, Miss Selfridge collections certainly place a high number of times I can say that attraction.

Miss Selfridge catalog / jackets, you will find the following models and styles of jackets;

  • military style coats
  • fur coats
  • knitted jackets
  • leather jackets
  • and stone-patterned jackets ayrızca count here with a lot of beauty bitiremiyeğim Miss Selfridge jacket model 2011 is a new season koleksiyonlarunda. JACKETS prices under the pictures I added, there easily can.

Miss Selfridge images in the catalog.

Miss Selfridge stores, phone numbers and addresses;

Cevahir - Miss Selfridge
Sisli Cevahir Mall
0212380 2001 46 to 62
Nisantasi - Miss Selfridge
Abdi Ipekci Cd. No: 2 Nisantasi
0 212 291 08 40
Optimum Istanbul - Miss Selfridge
Istiklal Cad No: 10 / 4 Shop No: 96 Yenisahra-Kadıköy/İstanbul 1K
0 216 664 11 22

Bottega Veneta Spring Summer Collection 2011

Flirty and feminine, stylish and elegant, professional and comfortable, Bottega Veneta Fashion Show Spring / Summer 2011 Milan Fashion Week for the season with a fashion show organized fashion to the world of work was 2011 fashion trends provide clues to us about the details of the show.

Botega Venate 2011 Spring / Summer collections of the other striking elements listed as follows;

  • a distinct difference in the classical-
  • current trends
  • chic-modern approaches to urban
  • theme is monochromatic ( single color of shades in his work-painting, photography, etc. .- describing word.)
  • amorphous liquid structures
  • flowers, colors
  • office-wear style
  • black and white with purity and elegance that embraces the small details, shapes and combinations of textile art reveals Bottega Veneta runway, the collection of the above counts, especially this season, a major point of attraction.
  • leather, silk, similar products, building materials, steep and rugged, with a whole sounds like a wonderful dream!

Beauty and the Bad Habits!

For this study, I think the most beautiful yorumdu; beauty and bad habits. Beautiful model Helene Desmettre, LOfficiel each other stylish fashion and tabloid magazine gave the poses, fotoğraflayan Gaetan Caputo.

Harmful Non sağlığmıza

Rain boots Sperry Top-Siders

2009 and 2010 fall winter season, rain boots, ugg boots were the product along with the trend. A multi-brand collections in the fall of 2011 also gave rain boots in the winter sezonuda often seems to pass in the same way.

This year, at the foot of ladies ugg boots and rain boots that is to say we will see, this issue related to the 2011 fashion trends can say See: rain boots ugg boots and very trendy this winter again!

Now I bet you let me markamızdan, Sperry Top-Siders; this article I had written before about the brand Sperry Top-Siders might remember the brand of threads from the famous American series Gossip Girl dressed players.

Sperry Top-Sider shoes, has emerged as a legend of a boat, comfortable, stylish, adventurous spirit of the ocean contains. in 1935, Sperry Top-Siders boat shoes have emerged as a brand.

Sperry Top-Sider 2011 I moved here by selecting some of the collections in the rain boots, plaid rain boots, rain boots, belt, buckle rain boots, patterned rain boots are a lot like the kind of model. Sperry Top-Siders rain boots $ 70 with prices abroad range from $ 80.

Street Fashion / October 2010 3

Reflections from the runway to the street and across the street fashion corner. Modavetrend.com with visitors and share images of the latest street fashions.

Street fashion style and the styles of men's own corner with a smaller number of guests that I hope modavetrend.com 'becoming a role model to follow the erkeklerede.

Street Fashion / attention! 3 October 2011;

  • trench coat
  • optical black-framed glasses
  • blue shirt
  • black tie
  • big bag
  • black atakkabı
  • trouser legs curled
  • short hair

Accessorize products - winter products

As you know we are on the autumn winter months, has hired hundreds of cool weather. For purchases made during the winter months or just to look good for elegance and is, I think sağlıkdır priority or let's say 50% to 50%, but health is very important products for the winter than in summer crops are different.

Accessorize accessory products, brands in the hands of one of the water shed, an endless ladies accessory product range offers. accessorize winter 2011 autumn winter collection of products, I chose a very elegant, gloves, umbrellas, caps, scarves, gloves, socks, and a lot of winter items sayacağımız Accessorize in stores waiting for you. Prices of selected products are listed under the pictures immediately.

"Accessorize products - winter products"

Herry Jacket and Topcoat Models New Season!

Herry Jacket and Topcoat Models

Herry is one of the domestic brands, own more than 20 years since the line is moving with sure steps. Herry color and Trend following range of products to its customers with a new world opens up the door.

Herry 2010 season I moved here by selecting some of the models in jackets and overcoats, jackets overcoats herry 249tl with prices range from 175tl.

Custom Fashion Trends 2011 Barcelona 2011

Urban, another gene, and is quite fun with the perfect saying; my Barcelona's Spring / Summer 2011 Collection was described with these words.custo Barcelona 2011 first look at the gypsy inspired collections seems abstract styles, from graffiti and acid-washed striped, prints, and each with all details of this magnificent collection next to browse!

2011 fashion trends , and my attention! Barcelona;

  • urban
  • chaotic ( complex, entangled, perplexed, top and bottom has been ...)
  • disco, pop, life-style night club
  • very colorful and fun
  • animal and printed shoes,
  • acid-washed shorts,
  • large-size bag,
  • graffiti

Ruber Duck Boats 2011 Boat Models

Ruber Duck discovered one of the new brands, even stayed late because kolkesiyonların Ruber Duck shoes model also has dozens of chic.

Preferred by celebrities such as Paris Hilton Ruber duck boots , style and posture may be the right choice and I think for those who want to make a difference, Ruber Duck botlar'ın Prices range from $ 70 to $ 80.

Colin's Male Models Products Jackets and Coats

Colin's 2011 fall winter men's wear products in a very special season, Colin's stores also are waiting for you. Colin's is one of the domestic brands in this area, not only in Turkey itself has proven in many countries abroad.

Colin's 2011 autumn winter collections in the selected male models coats and jackets, Colin's own style and reflects the difference. JACKETS prices on the web page was not included here so I can not shout.

Lanvin Fall / Winter 2011 Collection

Fashion trends in 2011 to utter some of the things before, so fashion is that the work should give the veterans an ear. French fashion house Lanvin is one of the building blocks of the fashion world.

Lanvin, organized with the 2011 fall winter collection fashion show introduced, notably the new season if we are in short rows;

  • one shoulder
  • red and yellow colors
  • captures the deep v
  • long and short skirts
  • front slit skirts
  • Lanvin style, and also appeared in other designs ...

Number of Vogue China October 2010

Fashion magazine Vogue'October 2010 in China the number of pages, beautiful models, Karlie Kloss and Patricia Van Der Vilet'in warming up with his poses.

Vogue in the count I want to say one thing about working in the red! The main theme of every party there is only red because red red red clothes, red make-up :) A study has been very red.