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In summer 2009 a pair of shorts to mini Trend Again

Last year's (2008) the trend of products that are shorts with all the beauty spring 2009 - summer wear sezonundada will continue to, Bershka and very good ball shorts shop'da models I saw I need to start now to complete the collection and a need mini shorts with the courage necessary to take, because mini - Again this year, too modaaaaaa shorts ....[15201_421x281.gif]

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Dorothy Perkins 2009 Season

Perkins'te new collection of Dorothy (2009) products are prepared to appeal to every taste ... Jackets, glasses, the skirt, dresses, shoes and can not say you are waiting for dozens of products in Dorothy Perkins stores.

Dorothy Perkins stores:

İstanbul : Carrefour Ümraniye Debenhams Cevahir Metrocity Nişantaşı (Topshop)

Daily use of gray clothes going on. Flusher and it's all the rage again this summer will be buluzlar satin ...

The most important role this season with dresses. Rather than patterns in flowers and romance and purity gardrobumuzda associated clean and fresh feeling to wake up to.

You will have an integral part of the accessories. High heels the spectrum, large parts of your glasses will not leave.

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Debenhams - Valentine's Day

Debenhams special offers in Cosmetics:

Calvin Klein Ckin 2U 2Go 35 ml kadın/erkek parfümler sadece 35.- lira Calvin Klein 35 ml Ckin 2U 2Go women / men perfume only 35th - TL

Burberry, Givenchy, Lolita Lempicka, Lanvin 30ml parfümler sadece 30.-lira Burberry, GIVENCHY, Lolita Lempicka, Lanvin 30ml perfume only 30.-Lira

Men and Women 90ml Emanuel Ungaro with 50m l 250.-TL Kofre 2si but 159.-TL

Velvet pouch, and silvery powder private Collistar hearted 159.-TL instead of the only 99th-TL
February 13 in Debenhams Clinique Take special activities, skin care authority, have become a life coach Clinique recommendations of the special care and surprise activities, have a great skin to explore ways of Valentine's Day to fascinate your boyfriend.

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2009 and falling prices Topman

I can not stop me, and each year 20% of my closet URL filled with products at the moment I've Topman, including a big discount, I went to this discount kaçırmıyalımmmm ..

Topman; Yelekler, jeans, jackets, hats, cardigan, and other products you expect from each other is stylish and beautiful.

Topman stores:

İstanbul : Beyoğlu Cevahir Nişantaşı (Topshop) Istanbul: Beyoglu Cevahir Nişantaşı (Topshop)

Also new Topman season (2009) theme of the store is waiting for you.

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2009 Ladies underwear models

France-based company, one of the underwear, ladies underwear collection, Etam has introduced the 2009 season.

Do you say yes there İstanbul'da etam shop in shopping centers ASTORIA able to get the product.

Stylish and colorful patterns within each Camas to have been abandoned in 2009 senesindede lady looks like.

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Ladies Collection Lcw 2008/2009

Lcw 2008 / 2009 winter and 2009 spring, summer belongs to sonabajar products; sweater and the cardigan, pants, bags, shirts, jackets and more. LcWaikiki'yi diğer bir çok markadan en büyük özellik sanırım cazip fiyatları ile herkese hitap etmesi diyebiliriz. I think the most important feature of many other brands LcWaikiki'yi do with attractive pricing to appeal to everyone here.

So another 100 complaints of trademark to get a jacket, even when you can get products Lcw'de 3 days even if the reductions have come up:) 3'de may exceed this number.

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UGG Boots Stores - Models

The year 2008 was one of indispensable products UGG boots and 7 to 70 feet of everyone from the boat to see the model was a normal thing happened, who was very fond of the color was 3, who did not like the boots, or said how some of the surf boat and said it giyilirmi to remain in the trend, we know that the 2008 model year, a number UGG boots became trendy products.

Now you know that a very high quality sheep wool Ugg'ların there because the feet are warm on the inside of UGG boots do not ever use cold who knows it already.

A lot of stars I think this boat will travel by foot Ugg'lar the trend into the streets and the streets were filled with people wearing UGG boots ...

UGG Australia brand is one that I know much of these trends are in fact botlarıda the surfers feet to keep warm that models tell like a surfer and surf the çıktıkdan a much later into the sea before the feet of UGG boots in saklıoyr could say, that in terms of performance.

- So where are sold Where can I get UGG boots?

Do not know your own shop Ugg'un in Turkey, have sold a lot but you do not trust her to know what is false is to research thoroughly.

My advice to you if I'd get UGG boots is not from Turkey to bring in from abroad that the Internet can bring reliable places; investigate the areas that have received this ş way.
The link below victoria's secret American underwear brand belongs to its own web pages are UGG sale.

UGG Boots Order

If a altarnatif Try these adreside ordering from the Internet in the same way that adresdende fields have the UGG boots.


What is the Price of UGG boots?

$ 140 off the price of UGG boots in the country vary from $ 180; cautious in Turkey, 600 - 700 tl pay astronomic figures such as these boots do not get that money you received çoksa you know. Yurt dışından gelirkende mutlaka yukarıda verdiğim rakamlara kargo fiyatları , masraflar filan eklenir ama taş çatların olacağı 270 - 300 dolar bence bir deneyin . The numbers given above from abroad gelirkende necessarily cargo prices, costs are added, but so will the roof piece 270 - 300 dollars, I give it a try.

UGG boots with some celebrities who walk the streets; UGG like boots with jeans and skirts you want with what you wear looks very stylish I think.

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yves saint laurent MUSE II bags

yves saint laurent MUSE II

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Daring Darling

Algerian-born Yves Saint Laurent is regarded as one of the greatest French fashion designers of the twentieth-century. Interested in fashion from a very early age, Laurent submitted three sketches to a contest for young fashion designers organized by the International Wool Secretariat. Though only 14 years old at the time, he took third prize and traveled to Paris to receive his award. Here, he met Michel de Brunhoff, the editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue, who encouraged the young designer to relocate to Paris and study fashion.

Laurent followed Brunhoff's advice and moved to Paris to work for Christian Dior. Laurent's innate talent shone through and he became the head designer for the label at only twenty-one, after the untimely death of the master. Backed by this experience, Yves Saint Laurent founded his eponymous label in 1962 with partner Pierre Berge. Laurent produced clothes of striking beauty infused with classic sex appeal. From his famous Piet Mondrian shift dresses to his revolutionary tailored tuxedo suit for women, his collections and accessories soon became famed for their daring but elegant looks, a reputation that still holds true today.

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PUMA acquires majority stake in Dobotex

PUMA acquires majority stake in Dobotex

Herzogenaurach Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Sportlifestyle company PUMA and its Dutch licensee Dobotex announced today, that PUMA will become the majority shareholder of Dobotex as of January 1, 2009, subject to approval by anti-trust authorities.
As PUMA already announced in July this year, the company had extended a long-term licensing contract for socks by Dobotex. The new licensing deal has a global reach, excluding the United States.
In addition, PUMA and Dobotex already signed a new licensing contract for PUMA bodywear this year. The license contract with former licensee Schiesser Lifestyle will terminate at the end of 2008.

PUMA® Creative and Hussein Chalayan

PUMA® Creative and Hussein Chalayan – from fashion and back at the Design Museum London
London, Thursday, January 22, 2009
PUMA® Creative aims to bring together individual artists and cultural organisations to provide them with a platform for exchange and global exposure. Partnering with the London Design Museum, PUMA continues its efforts to support creative talent.
Global designer, artist and filmmaker, Hussein Chalayan brings his use of new technology and forward-thinking design to all PUMA Sport Fashion collections. ‘As the main sponsor of the exhibition, we celebrate both our close partnership with Hussein Chalayan as well as our commitment to design as integral part of the PUMA brand’ says PUMA Chairman and CEO Jochen Zeitz.

magnes sisters MR BIG Women's bags

magnes sisters MR BIG

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magnes sisters


magnes sisters


magnes sisters

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Scissor Sisters

Sisterhood is about so much more than traveling pants-sometimes it's about high-end handbags. And with the Magnes sisters, it's not about sharing bags; it's about creating them. Backed by their individual design experience, the three girls recently joined forces to form the Magnes Sisters label.

The story began when Dina, a clothing designer and the eldest sister, convinced Yael, a jewelry designer, and Tamar, a graphic designer, to travel from Israel to New York for this new venture. Once in one place, the three seamlessly transferred their creative skills to this new medium. Now, only a few years after its founding, Magnes Sisters is showing us what these girls can do with some patterns and scissors.

Though they each have a unique twist on handbag design, the sisters share a passion for texture, color and line. They craft their bags from Italian leathers, rich wools and silky linings in inspired color combinations and streamlined-yet-soft silhouettes. The result is handbags that dish out serious style for fashionable sisters everywhere.

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technomarine CRUISE UNISEX CHRONO watch


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Time to Get Technical

When it really comes down to it, luxury is technical: it's about the quality of materials, craftsmanship and design. From the big-picture inspiration to the finest detail, true luxury is innovation executed with elegance. Enter TechnoMarine watches, a Swiss collection of timepieces that provides a perfect fusion between the traditions of the past and the aesthetics of the future.

First introduced in 1997, TechnoMarine brought a nonconformist attitude to the conservative watch-making industry. From the outset, the brand remained true to the rich history of Swiss watches while injecting new life into watch design. Utilizing unusual materials and the most advanced watch-making techniques, the collection soon caught the eye of fashion's elites, who swooned over the playful, eye-catching styles. The results are watches that combine fashion and function, proving that luxurious accessories can do much more than just complete a look-that is, if you want to get technical about it.

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jimmy choo EXOTIC SKIN BAG - 2009 jimmy choo

jimmy choo EXOTIC SKIN BAG

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Choosing Choo

Armed with her woman's intuition and innate sense of style, former Vogue UK accessories editor, Tamara Mellon, sensed the need for feminine but wearable shoes. Thus, she approached Jimmy Choo, a couture shoemaker based in London's East End, to help her realize this vision, and in 1996 the Jimmy Choo label was launched. Noted for being equal parts luxurious and practical, the Jimmy Choo collection met with instant success and garnered a cult following of fashion's elite.

Remaining true to its principles of classic beauty, undeniable elegance and unabashed sexiness, Jimmy Choo expanded in 2001 to include handbags and small leather goods. Each piece is created with the same exquisite craftsmanship Jimmy Choo gave to his custom couture shoes. Led by creative director Sandra Choi, the creative team scours the corners of the globe, finding inspiration in everything from ancient Indian wedding dresses to hand-embroidered Belgium lace. The resulting pieces prove Mellon's hunch was correct, and her statement true: "It doesn't matter what you are wearing-if you have good shoes and a good bag, you'll look right."

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leonard paris ORCHID SCARF new scarf

leonard paris ORCHID SCARF

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leonard paris


leonard paris


leonard paris

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The Fine Print

For fifty years now, French print fashion powerhouse Leonard Paris has been dazzling the world with its designs. In the couture house's early years, Chief Executive Director Daniel Tribouillard invented his own printing technique and employed Lyonnaise engravers to bring the label's designs to life. In the half century since, the label hasn't lost its visionary edge nor its tough as nails standards. Of the thousands of print prototypes considered by Leonard each year, fewer than one hundred ever see production.

The ready-to-wear pieces and accessories that do make it to the marketplace get gobbled up by Leonard's international cult following. There are over 100 stores worldwide, yet not one in the United States. But luckily for you, ideeli is giving you access to this much coveted brand, which is why you shouldn't wait. Does that standard corporate suit need a dash of print mayhem? Do you need a little color during office hours? Grab one of Leonard's bright and bold printed silk scarves and tie it on.

This event is scheduled to start on Friday, January 23 at 11am for 1st Row members, noon for 2nd Row members. This event will run for 3 days.