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Adidas Shoe 5, 5

I have great trust in the power of three lines ; Continues to work wonders; shoes made his name the name of quality soy trend has put the adjectives that have hundreds abakmış am Adidas shoes'ing that words Adidas shoe collection are difficult recipes with the great-i 5 shoes chose designed for women these models to everyone, every life style, each time period different and appeals to different levels of the CDT.

Adidas Shoes | 5, 1 > name : "Stan smith 2"; that attracted my attention was a very nice model with kurdelası blue stripes combined with a 3-lane and of course I think this model very stylish white and blue 'gives a good color harmony.

Adidas Shoes | 5, 2 > name : "Adi Loop Lo "; called this beautiful shoes, designed for those who like things a little more shining in my opinion, very stylish and tasarımıda" gray "color is dominated by a lovely choice.

Price : $ 70 (overseas is for)
Adidas Shoes | 5, 3 > name : Honey Low; white color and simplicity of this model is combined with a lot of your clothing that may indicate compliance with the properties of, like a jean, or a dress, or shorts under a dress can take Honey Low.

Price : $ 55 (overseas is for)

Adidas Shoes | 5, 4 > name : Ballerina Gazelle, Adidas collection if I see a babet; I think that you can use in your school life, this stylish shoes a shoe style can be called full.

Price : $ 50 (overseas is for)

Adidas Shoes | 5, 5 > name : Honey Mid, such as standing out from the world of this stylish Converse shoes, for those who want to create a unique style very appropriate in my opinion, you wrap up your wrist as a symbol of a movement libertarian Honey Mid.

Price : $ 60 (overseas is for)

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