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helena de natalio SOFI bag

helena de natalio SOFI

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helena de natalio


helena de natalio

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Southern Hospitality

As the only woman Madonna would ever label a fashion role model, Eva Peron put Argentine women on the map as diehard style mavens. Some 60 years later, South American women continue to be known for their creativity and style.

This fact hasn't escaped American handbag designer Helen Hoppock. After joining the Peace Corps and living in Natalio, Paraguay for two years, Hoppock fell in love with the handcrafted leather goods found throughout the continent. Working with a local seamstress inspired her to combine her deep interest in social responsibility with her devotion to local craftsmanship. In 2005, the talented and industrious Hoppock moved to Buenos Aires to create a line of handbags that would marry fierce fashion attitude with a true humanitarian spirit. Soon enough, the Helena de Natalio line was born. Using only the finest Argentine leather, the workers at Helena de Natalio are given fair wages, good working conditions and humane benefits. And the bags, with their unique detailing and gorgeous color palate, couldn't be chicer. Good looking and goodhearted, now that's a sound investment.

This event is scheduled to start on Thursday, January 8 at 11am for 1st Row members, noon for 2nd Row members. This event will run for 36 hours.

ideeli prices for this event start at $110

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