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emanuel ungaro - ungaro jackets , dresses , pants

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The French know fashion. And Emanuel Ungaro knows France. Ungaro was born in Aix-En-Provence in 1933, after his Italian parents relocated to the French countryside. From an early age, Ungaro showed an innate love for clothing and learned sewing techniques from his father. At 22, however, the fledgling designer wanted something more and moved to Paris to immerse himself in the epicenter of elegance.

Ungaro apprenticed at Cristobal Balenciaga and then at Courreges, where he mastered the art of haute couture and honed his eye for subtlest style twists. Though working under the auspices of these masters, Ungaro developed his own distinct aesthetic-one marked by soft silhouettes and seductive details. In 1965, he opened the doors to his own fashion house in Paris and in 1968 he launched his inaugural ready-to-wear collection. Today, Esteban Cortazar acts as head designer of Emanuel Ungaro, creating collections that link the romance of Parisian soirees with the sleekness of modern style, reminding us that truly great fashion is something to celebrate.

This event is scheduled to start on Wednesday, January 14 at 11am for 1st Row members, noon for 2nd Row members. This event will run for 36 hours.

ideeli prices for this event start at $95

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