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HARRISON FORD, he made ON THE wax !

The Hollywood star, hair stand up on the web minded. Facts about that the images ... The Famous actor Harrison Ford's stand hair on the network and aldırırken seen in the video is very drew attention. Indiana Jones films star Ford, no forests to the campaign against http://h2.haberturk.com/Resimler/14815_421x281.gifdigital camera in the framework of the in the network in the presence of the chest hair took notice.Ford, International environment 'organization for Conservation international's forests that no global warming contributions to attract attention to launched the campaign interesting presentation support for his film to.Ford, feathering aldırdığı 30 seconds movie "in places where a rain break off forests every tree we can set on fire ought," all the message that transport.


Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford has had his chest waxed on camera to raise awareness about the planet's disappearing rain forest.
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