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andrea brueckner ASPEA handbag - Women's bags

andrea brueckner ASPEA

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andrea brueckner





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Sumptuous Handbags

This event is an ideeli Red Sale event. ideeli Red Sale events offer select merchandise from a variety of brands at extra special prices.

There's nothing like a great handbag to update your wardrobe and uplift your spirits! Take it from designer Andrea Bruckner , whose collection combines the tailored look of menswear with the feminine appreciation of subtle details. Or try Bulga's gently rounded bags in buttery Italian leathers. Misela's vintage-inspired pieces, crafted from hand-woven fabrics discovered in the Grand Bazaar, reflect the spirit of Istanbul, while Treesje embodies the casual elegance of Los Angeles. And Fendi , a brand that needs no introduction, epitomizes Italian style. United in quality and unique in design, these-and all of the rest of our sumptuous handbags-add punch to any ensemble.

This Red Sale event will run for a full 3 days. To make sure you don't miss this event, we are releasing the date and time. The above is scheduled to start on Friday, January 9 at 11am for 1st Row members, noon for 2nd Row members. So get ready to enjoy this membership bonus and snap up these coveted prices!

ideeli prices for this event start at $39

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