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U.S. Polo Assn 2011 Fall Winter Men

Do not mix brands of Polo!

Polo brand, I'm just confused about all the news that I will do, why would you say? As we all know that the brand of polo polo polo polo, but called to say that there are two brand Polo Ralph Lauren U.S. Polo Assn understand these two brands is the same firmayamı serve. Moreover, different only in logolarıda polo game was used as the main theme, with a polo stick in both hands on a horse have a logo of a man in the mirror.

You can even have a group on Facebook, even it that is related to the two side by side to put the logo Polo Ralph Lauren U.S. Polo Assn company says that the logos and put side by side, although very similar to the different brands, in fact, as I said of mine.


Confuse , "U.S. Polo Assn brand Polo Ralph Lauren brands are different, so similar to each other logos will not be distinguished by eye.

Ralph Lauren brand is more expensive with Us polo'ya rate, moreover Us Polo brand, both manufactured in Turkey alone is not a Turkish brand of American origin.

Anyway, long after they have bet about it, U.S. Polo Assn 2011 smen's collection of winter, let's onbahar, stylish sweaters, plaid shirts, polo theme of college students in 2011 Frequent collections are being processed.

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