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Patterned stockings Penti New Season

Penti, stocking the widest range of brands, one of them. The desired model, colored socks, or permanently Penti design will be sold in stores.

Penti the new season, has a very stylish models patterned socks, patterned socks Penti this collection demonstrates how much color and plenty of options.

Penti new season'in the following categories is possible to find patterned hosiery;

  • thin patterned pantyhose
  • bold patterned pantyhose
  • patterned suspenders
  • patterned tights
  • mesh-patterned pantyhose
  • mesh pant
  • başıklar such as fine-patterned pants, socks Penti complete collection. Penti patterned socks, socks prices according to your preference; 7tl range from the 21tl.

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