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Street Fashion / 70's like!

Street fashions , and the world of street fashion street modamız modavetrend.com in since 2008 ....

Street Fashions own corner clusters guest from Paris today. Takışmış the streets of Paris, this stylish lady of the lenses together dressed in what look inceliyelim bottom side, though not created nasılb irkombin :( Photographers orayu çekmemiş so.

In the meantime, why because I sing in the street fashion of the 70s, as the title attığımızı totally 70s with guest outfit reminds us, we say that a sophisticated approach.

  • combined with the main theme of the chosen 70
  • enough to cover the face of a huge black hat
  • Sayıdğım often braided hairstyles in 2010 and a shoulder-down hair has been left
  • big black glasses yuvarlık
  • plenty of white tunic T-shirt
  • red belt
  • What seems more than anything, but I do not know the color of the soil pantolonmudur.

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