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Tommy Hilfiger 2010

Tommy Hilfiger 2010
Tommy Hilfiger new season

America's icons of clothing brand Hilfiger TommyWomen, men, children, denim, sports and accessory collections 2010 say hello to the season.

"To wear a fun, creative way to tell yourself to be. Me My clothes, in many ways reflects the lifestyle of people." Tommy Hilfiger "

"Tommy Hilfiger in 2010"

Tommy Hilfiger; tüketiceleri day, every moment of every age and style can be used to collect together a large collection, is aiming to offer them a way of life.
Quality of life identified as priorities the Tommy Hilfiger collections, modern and stylish appearance combines with the spirit of youth.

Hilfiger Tommy'S design is a reflection of America's creativity and diversity. Collection of everyday clothing and work clothes from the rock and roll fashion until the truth reveals a diversity. Red, white and blue Tommy Hilfiger logo and the colors, the symbol of the American spirit.

In 1951, New York - Elmira'da and nine children born as the son of a family Hilfiger, retail space, with a capital of $ 150 in his career began 18 years old. In 1969 he once so fashionable, and in your town does not have a low specific Jean for New York City went Hilfiger, Jean town's youth to sell to obtain the profits with the soon college campus in the People's Place, his first store opened.

Hilfiger, founder of the brand should be men, women and children's clothing in both classic and trendy styles all the accessories group believes reflects the combination. Snob style and comfort with the brand's country of birth is only in America but worldwide in 60 countries with a significant sales performance.
Hilfiger Tommy Corporation, registered in the name of Tommy Hilfiger men's, women's, jeans, golf, athletics, and has designed children's collections, will produce and market. In accordance with the license agreement to further expanding accessories collection (clock, jewelry, socks ...) and include groups assortment of shoes and perfumes continues to expand.

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