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Quick Way Oil Hair Removal

Quick Way Oil Hair Removal
If your scalp/head sweats a lot chances are you'll notice oily or greasy-hay-hair. This is due to a lack of proper shampooing and conditioning of the scalp. If you don't clean enough you'll end up with these problems.

This may sound dumb or strange, but I did an experiment thoroughly finger-rubbing my scalp. The fingers appeared normal, but when I rubbed them together a certain way, MANY thick brown chunks of oil formed and fell to the ground. I repeated until it diminished, which meant that I removed most oil. And others said that they barely smelled anything anymore, something not possible when water interferes.

Those dry hair products are VERY temporary, NOT intended for long term use or excellent results. I believe you will be happy that you took the time to serve the patient with loving and better treatment that yields better rewards than dusting powders and corn. It will help with odors, oil, itch, and make the patient feel really good if done simply, and according to the amount of time the patient can sit up or move around. If unable to move, it really isn't important that the hair or scalp is relieved unless the patient requests it.

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