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Hair Armpit Removal

Hair Armpit Removal
Shaving is low cost and easy to use. Its main disadvantage is that any armpit hair removal using this method will be relatively short lived. In fact, hair will begin to grow back the very next day and for this reason shaving must be repeated frequently.

To get the best results from shaving armpit hair, always exfoliate your skin first. You can do this inexpensively by using a loofah sponge which should only set you back around $5 from a good drug store. Secondly, always use shaving cream or soap to shave with (never contemplate dry shaving!). Thirdly, always make sure you use a sharp razor. This is essential as using a blunt razor will increase your chances of getting razor burn (razor bumps). Fourthly, always shave in the direction of hair growth. Again this is an important tip to prevent the occurrence of razor burn and to obtain to a close shave. Remember to take your time and don't hurry the process, this will prevent you from cutting yourself unnecessarily. Finally, always moisturize after shaving to replace essential skins oils.

This technique has been around for many years and is the only truly qualified method of permanent armpit hair removal. If involves using a probe which is inserted inside the hair follicle to deliver a small electric current which kills of the hair in situ. If you are interested in this treatment, my advice is to visit a qualified practitioner who will assess you needs properly and prescribe a course of treatment suitable for you.

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