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Converse Clean Guide - Cleaning İnfo

Converse Cleaning & Manuals
This information, Converse has taken its own maintenance and manual cleaning.

Friends that I wanted to share the news with you for information purposes; Converse'S use of shoes I bought from their stores kullavuzunda, exactly as written here reflect the clam.

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Converse in Care and Long-Lasting Use

  1. Contaminated leather shoes with a damp cloth, the wet wipe with a dry cloth.
  2. Rinse in cold water for products from linen yıkanmalıdır.Ağaratıcı should not be used and machine should not be washed.

The reasons for the color to linen products;
(Converse clear rules)

  1. Products wet and humid cessation
  2. Of contact with sea water
  3. Used and applied cleaner, polishing agents
  4. And continuous use of excessive sweating in the feet without socks.
  • You buy your shoes permanent form We will be sufficient to maintain order to protect kalıpda.
  • Ties of the product to be installed properly and the product as the tool that should be provided in the foot.

Converse was not a pretty one last few years has received the flag of our country footwear trends as one of the lines are moving in a highly successful.

It's as much of a shoe maintenance and cleaning will be useful to provide information about the sizlerinde thought.

I think that this information not only to clean up your Converse shoes in other products You can use it.

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