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Lacoste Eyewear Collection Special

With the history of the past quarter century Lacoste "101"

Lacoste Eyewear 101 model, the 30th anniversary throughout the world only With a limited number of 1,000-unit production is launching ...

In Turkey, only 20 people will have 101 model to the right of the temple inside the line, series of 1000 pieces of your frame is showing the serial number of the kaçıncı was a relief. This is an important part of the history of Lacoste special thanks to the signature that you are the owner will understand. 101, which is the signature of the pilot model and the bridge has a classic double-barrier. Collection of the distinctive look, the barrier at the top of the nose is covered with green enamel.

Models manufactured in top quality whether JapanAlso produced. Contrast and improves visual acuity and the environment of bright lights in the hills by providing better protection, anti-reflection coating to be scratch and has high-quality mineral lenses.

101 model also produced a separate package and especially the ideal of white box glasses enclosure is designed to be. Green color and the soft rubber pouch case is in line with the box. 101 logo on the bag also can be processed. White cleaning cloth glasses with specific and official certificate is placed inside the box.

In addition, the serial number is treated as a guarantee.

Lacoste 101 model sporty styles for men of all the styles adopted offers an ideal choice.

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