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Adidas Originals

Creativity with the British and the French School

Adidas Originals is Luminescence Women's Style

Adidas Originals Women Collection, 2009 Fall / Winter season an exciting collaboration with two big draws attention.

Adidas based in central London the most important representatives of the British lifestyle fashion an elegant and so PPQ'nun Originals products combined with sharp style, women's wear daily for the opportunity to create a different style.

On the other hand with his family for years, collaborating with Adidas Originals signed by the French graffiti artist FAFI the daily-wear style by creating a different brand that adds one more to work.

Adidas Originals Thanks to these two large partnerships one step further by throwing in women's clothing, fashion trends changing every day without breaking a renewed their product yelpazasini expands.

Adidas Originals 2009 Fall / Winter Collection, its unique, sporty and feminine clothing with everyday street fashion with a wide range of products proves once more marked. Distinguished British fashion label PPQ, excellent English style groundbreaking adidas Originals Sleek Adidas footwear and textile products imported in the Collection as creating a completely different style. Adidas became the icon FAFI products, especially young girls as creative graffitileriyle decorate clothing style will change daily, has launched designs.

Adidas Boot / Price: 318 £

First, the shelves in October, the collection FAFI shoes, textiles and FAFI products are following PPQ. Adidas Originals Women Collection'In the PPQ and FAFI textile products And shoes £ 64 £ and 254 £ 159 £ 318 with ranging from reseller prices for Adidas Originals adidas Store'lar and will be sold.Fashion world with all the details Modavetrend.com at

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