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Youtube - Warner Music Group

The World's top video portal YOUTUBE, a giant which is seeking to name a decision to allot? he gave.

YOUTUBE and Warner Music Group among the undergraduate agreement with the renovation of the period of last talks ended on Friday.Talks a as a result of a failure to reach agreement in the world on the third largest music company Warner of the Music, Google's YouTube site to discuss ways to keep your and decided to.

Artist, the author and broadcasters have an that they deserve compensation to the area youtube's conditions will never accept a written statement to the public with announcing the Warner Music, youtube's wishes the hot bakmaması talks due to the and ended it.

Warner Music outside the Universal Music Group, Sony Music and emi with the who sits on the table youtube's owner from Google in the last statement said the: With Our Partners "our business contracts with our enable not as if off, another with our partners we continue."

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