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Bank of America 35 thousands of people dismiss - BANK OF America

ank of America 35 thousand people dismiss the US Bank of America 3 years of 30-35 employee will discharge. reported Bank of America, the global economic situation degradation and purchasing of Merrill Lynch of the value added structure due to the effort to work total per cent of the 11,4 out in a suitable manner per capita 30-35 thousands of people annually üç sticker off announced plans.

Bank of America 247 thousand and Merrill Lynch 61 thousands of people provides employment. Bank of America in september Merrill Lynch of the 50 billion bought. The Bank, 1 July tutsat (mortgage) provides loan Countrywide Financial firm to purchase the following the 7,500 people work would end explained.

Financial companies in this year 250 more than interests of people would end. reported THE US firm Citigroup before the announced the 22 thousand in addition to people last month 52 thousand people, Guiding The Firm jpmorgan 7 thousand people and purchasing of Washington in Mutual 9,200 people will discharge, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley also work to join forces of 10 will decrease indicated.

Bank of America 35 thousands of people dismiss - BANK OF America

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