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Funny SMS Text

Funny SMS Text

1-When you feel lonely, Cheer up! Just go to the mirror and say "Shit! I'm really so cute!" You'll overcome your sadness. But don't make it a habit cause liars go to HELL!

2-I wanted to tell you that I truly treasure our friendship- you mean a lot to me. You cry...I cry. You laugh..I laugh. You jump out of the window...I...I...I...look down and then I laugh again.

3-He doesn't know the meaning of the word "fear" -
but then again he doesn't know the meaning of most words

4-I don't know what makes you so dumb but it really works Haven't I seen your face before - on a police poster? Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today

5-You know what I pray to God everyday in the morning that everyone gets a friend like you. Why should only I suffer?

Funny SMS Text

6-I look at the stars, the stars are beautiful. I look at you..I....I...I'd rather look at the stars again!

7-Those innocent eyes..Those kissable lips...A great smile...The perfect walk..Smoothest talk...Absolutely gorgeous...Thats enough about me..How are you?

8-Hey friend remember dat without stupidity there can be no wisdom & without ugliness there can be no beauty..so the world needs YOU after all!

9-im at the police station.The police caught me & filed a case against me "possession of good looks".i'm doomed! i need someone ugly 2 bail me out-so hurry up

10-If your face had "Welcome" written on it,
it would make a perfect doormat

11-A bus station is where a bus stops.
A train station is where a train stops.
On my desk, I have a work station.

12-it goes in dry, it comes out wet,
the stronger its in the stronger it get,
we can have it in bed just u n me,
not what u think
- teabag

13-U picked me up,u took me home,u put ur hands around my waist,u took off my top,den u put ur lips om mine. THANK GOD im a bottle of PEPSI.

14-UR 100%beautiful UR 100%lovely UR 100%sweet? UR 100%nice??? and UR 100%stupid to believe these words!

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