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2011 Footwear Adidas Rom Series

2011 Footwear Adidas Rom Series
World number one brand name adidas sports clothing sector, is the best way we can say the right being number one. There are some brands such as Adidas, although a number do not behave as the market leader. Adidas, the product quality, wide product range, service quality, and show that regeneration is extremely careful.
Adidas-lovers know that, there are collections of adidas' classic. Roma, some of them superstar shoes, shoes series. Rom my favorite shoes series Adidas series with an aesthetic stance tanesidir.Rom series each season, adidas shoes, adidas severleres unchanged presented is clear and colors, blue, green and black.
In short, adidas shoes with rum has earned the admiration of many customers. Adidas shoes, a very recent news about the new season can be read modavetrend.com.
The collection also has a very different model adidas shoes, adidas sports shoes, adidas shoes for walking, daily giyebileceğiniz shoes, football, basketball, handball shoes, such as sports, while you can use. All shoes specially designed series of uses and are produced with a specific technology.

Adidas Shoes Rom Series 2011 - Product Information

At the end of the 1950s who loves adidas shoes series Adidas Rom was one of the first adidas can say that. Classic rum shoes the following characteristics;
  • suede toe cap
  • A herringbone outsole
  • authentic colors
  • Leather upper surface

New Season Shoes Adidas Rom Series 2011 - Details

  • Full grain leather upper for comfort and a soft touch
  • Suede toe cap for more protection
  • synthetic lining for comfort
  • Built-in heel counter
  • Herringbone pattern rubber outsole
  • Imported
" Adidas Shoes Rom Series 2011 "
Rom the new season adidas shoes around $ 75.

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