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2011 Fashion Colors Orange and Turquoise

Full 3 years continuous fashion news writing, a fashion portal Modavetrend.com no different, Turkey is one of the most current fashion blogs. Anlaşılacağa primary duty to follow its name to Trend. Trend to follow you, I always sense of personal and commercial sense, is an important issue that could very positive feedbacks.

Give this in my ear! I think ...

This is our news konumuz 2011, the summer colors of spring! But in a season, a year or a time period determined by how the trend to occur?
One thing to be a trend that should be subject to two conditions;
1) The product, used by more than one famous personage. This is the famous concept of the world, country, city or village where well-known personalities that may need to understand the fine points. A d
2) If more than one brand, the collections of embroidered with similar themes. This theme, color or a dress may have something similar in the trend-ney, he is a common issue!
Abroad in pursuit of the fashion blogs, editors for the year 2011 saw the color öngürüsünde bulunduklarını and I moved here for you. Year of 2011 would be within the fashion in which the colors are wondering, my guess was the Camel color , but as we have seen, Turquoise, and quite a private message Turuncu'da will plan.
The following images you've seen a lot of the brand's 2011 collection of famous fliers were selected. All of these brands in the turquoise and orange colors of the collections have provided.
2011 Fashion Colors orange and turquoise, the colors included in the collections of the brands: Prada, Prabal Gurung, Missoni, Mario Schwab, Marc Jacobs, Loewe, Jonathan Saunders, Giambattista Valli, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier ....
2011 Fashion Colors Orange and Turquoise

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