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Etro Fall-Winter 2010

Always say, and yet sölüyorum Italy'Do you water from the air of course, we know you very, very committed to this event and all the best brands from their care comes from Italy.

Here, I mean the best from not currently of course, that brands in other countries
I do not mean bad, but to be truly fashion house of fashion in the logbook of your stylus to play very different.

Etro brand new hear a lot of us probably do, and I immediately investigated the history; Etro Italian fashion house and fabrics, furniture and perfume manufacturer. 1968 In Gimmo Etro It was founded by. In Italy, a history that in England 42 Yearly much older history with several fashion houses are available.

Now I am very different places to enter this event, for example, e you a Let me give examples . My cousin is a long tradition of British brands that are responsible for the brand to go shopping with her when I'm entering into any store brand they do not cause my skin or gelmiosun der _? Explains why my skin, fabric, products, history, the original generation, etc., now when you look at event here are some different things really cheap or too expensive to take whatever views he put a lot of you there is one brand name apparel brands have this ...

Etro Fall-Winter 2010 How do I interpret the east-west in the collections of the synthesis with the game on

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