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Women Boots

Female-specific options for the cold winter months to continue to offer I would get dressed now another Italian We look brand .

As you hear the name of the brand Fornarina yes just like you do not hear as Sharapsa also think I would be more accurate because the brand that Fornarina brand In Turkey, not because I think the less you hear a brand not sold in stores, but obviously a place I do not know Do you like this I just take a look at the collection of this brand söyliyeylim bot and boots not the product of dozens of models available, and only the beautiful Women are working.

Now let them put aside this year ugg bot We already know quite trend model rain boots in the same manner as a long string modelleride in the drawing is actually quite revaçda that trend, but I think as much is not preferences are very stylish; Fornarina female boots and boots to this trend in the collection and long knee-high boots models and mütakip bot models and last year's trend with the tasseled boots and I hope I did like the non-selection of boots.

Meanwhile boots and bootsWhat is the price you are in the model between € 325 and € 195 depending ter is changing.

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