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Beyonce "Hello" Official Music

Beyonce has very nice voice ı think she is very googe singer and woman . Beyonce Very good performance to show end album " I am Sasha Fierce " .

I listen to the radio "hello , hello hello " . . . so I love this song . . .

Hello Lyrics


Oh oh, oh oh oh oh......
I love to see you walk into the room
Body shining lighting up the place
And when you talk, everybody stops
Cause they know you know just what to say
And the way that you protect your friends
Baby, I respect you for that
And when you grow, you take everyone you love along
I love that you don't fly me away
Don't need to buy a diamond key to unlock my heart
You shelter my soul
You're my fire when I'm cold
I want you to know

You had me at hello
You had me at hello
It was many years ago
Baby when you
Stole my cool
Cause you had me at hello
Hellooh oh oh oh oh

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