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Discount Barbour 2010


Discount Barbour 2010

During the month of July , 50 % DiscountAt

Approved by the British royal family, one of which Barbour markalarndan bri , are brought by ülkemze Outdoors . I 've worked in shops in a period İngiliz'lerin Barbour is one of the oldest brands .

Last year, the oil coats the model with the very trends if they were , although that trend is already very slow , although such a great brand is never ordinary and a specific audience as well , was always a fact.

Barbour also currently in stores discounts up to 50 % There , in July throughout the month will continue a 50% discount tomorrow begins the season in the high prices can get products now at affordable rates and receive the quality difference and enjoy the hen in my season without opening the stylish jackets and you learn .

"Baghdad Street and Nisantasi, circulating , such as high school youth uniform wear Barbour jacketsi no longer possible to get cheaper . recent series of naewly opened convenience stores are also in terms of transport . Coats land outside of boots, jeans , t-shirts, short sleeved shirts, you can find . "

Barbour Factory Outlet - Selamicesme - 0216 411 29 25

Tel : (0216) 411 29 25
Address : Baghdad, Street no: 172 , Selamicesme
District: Selamicesme

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