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Christian Dior 2011 Collection

French fashion designer Christian Dior brand in its own name. Granville Christian Dior was born in the year 1905 and 23 October 1957, lost his life.

Even now that the designer of Christian Dior and crazy guy, John Galliano'dur. Galliano was born in Gibraltar in 1960 and last for the colorful Mediterranean culture of childhood in Spain, the collections were inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Fashion trends in 2011 'are the first designs made out of what we can say by Christian Dior, Christian Dior fashion show in 2011 with the collection is introduced.

Chritian Dior 2011 Collection and suffering Attention;

  • haute couture touches
  • feminine accents
  • vintage-style hair
  • long skirts and deep yırtmaçlar
  • The colors used, usually white sailor-style, red and black or navy blue.

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