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2011 Aphrodite Shawl and Scarf Patterns

2011 Aphrodite Shawl and Scarf Patterns

Aphrodite with the brand and a couple of "theology" Let; About Aphrodite

" Aphrodite's Textile Industry and Trade Limited Company 100% Turkish company operating in the sports apparel industry. Aphrodite Company manufactures under the brand name, retail stores under this name and opens it.

Aphrodite Company in February of 1987 by Erkan HEAVY DUTY its first store in Istanbul Kadikoy Opera Honors, and Jennifer has opened in the passage. Shop now 9, 300 0 m² closed production area and 130 employees, has an important place in Turkish textile market. "

Scarf and shawl permanently using my favorite accessories is one of the models, I really like using a scarf as a male. Right now she is a stylish scarf really şıklığımızı takılıan çıkarabiliyor doubled, but incompatible, or a color may look bad if we do model selection.

You can use the property in the spring with shawl and scarf patterns in a multi-brand collections There are models that you see below shawl and scarf collection, I chose Aphrodite, 2011, with prices now 19tl change depending on your preference between 39tl.


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