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Eudora download new version 2009 7.0.1

Description of Eudora

Eudora is a robust e-mail client whose features include multiple addressbook formatting options and the ability to filter, redirect, and forward mail. Eudora includes many convenient features such as the powerful search functions, multiple e-mail accounts, integrated word processor with automatic spell checking, and much more.

Versions 5+ can operate in any of three, user-selectable modes. Sponsored mode allows you to use the full-featured Eudora e-mail client at no charge, but displays a series of static onscreen advertisements. Paid mode allows you to use the full-featured Eudora e-mail client without the advertisements once a payment has been made. Light mode is an upgrade to the current Eudora Light, yet does not have as many features as the full client available in Sponsored and Paid modes. The Light mode will include a sponsor image or logo, but no rotating advertising. You can switch between the Light mode and the Sponsored mode at any time.

Overview of Eudora Official Web Site - http://www.eudora.comCompany - QualcommCurrent Version - 7.0.1
Eudora is an e-mail client used on the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It also supports several palmtop computing platforms, including Newton and the Palm OS. The software was named after Eudora Welty because of her short story "Why I Live at the Post Office". [1] Eudora was developed by Steve Dorner in 1988 who worked at the Computer Services Organization of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[2]. Eudora was acquired by Qualcomm in 1991. In 2006 Qualcomm stopped development of the commercial version, and sponsored the creation of a new open-source version based on Mozilla Thunderbird code-named Penelope.

Developed by
Latest release
7.1 (Windows), 6.2.4 (Mac OS) / October 11, 2006
Preview release
8.0.0b4 / 31 October 2008
Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Linux
Adware, payware, Light;Free software (Eudora 8.0+/Penelope)
Eudora download new version 2009 7.0.1

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