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Camfrog Download * 3.91 new version video chat !

Description of Camfrog

Camfrog Video Chat is a program created by Camshare LLC that allows users all over the world to broadcast live streaming audio and video. This software allows over 1,000 users in a live streaming videoconference room.

Camfrog allows users to host their own video chat rooms using the "Camfrog Server" software. In addition to the Camfrog Server, most chat room owners use dedicated server hosting companies to host their own Camfrog video chat rooms that can allow up to 1,000 users. Many Camfrog users are deaf and the most active room hosted by Camfrog is the "SignLanguage" room. Many deaf users also host their own rooms in the general category. Deaf users use Camfrog to communicate via video with sign language. CamFrog Video Chat *client* supports both Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 2k and 2k3) and Apple MacOS X.

Overview of Camfrog Official Web Site - http://www.camfrog.com/Company - Camshare LCCurrent Version - 3.91

Download Now

Camfrog is a video chat software program and community. It is owned by Camshare LLC. A limited version of the program is available as freeware on the company website with an option to upgrade to a full version.

Users can browse both user-hosted and Camfrog-hosted video chat rooms, as well as engage in private instant messaging. Video chat rooms include language oriented rooms (including many sign language rooms), rooms for singles, rooms aimed at users from specific countries, trivia oriented rooms, and adult only video chat. Like other similar chat and instant message programs it requires registration and a unique username to log on. The website features a user directory with user profiles.
Users are distinguished by the colour of their names:
Owners are red
Operators are green
Friends are blues
General users are black
Bold name means they are a pro user (using the commercial version of the software)
Regular font weight means they are using the free version (using the free version makes all user names the regular font weight)
The latest version was released Oct 2008, Version 5.1.129.

Camfrog Download * 3.91 new version video chat !

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