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Adriana Sklenarikov fashion model

Adriana Sklenarikova Karembeu (born on 17 September 1971) is a Slovak actress and fashion model.

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Karembeu was born Adriana Sklenaříková in Brezno, a town in central Slovakia (then a part of Czechoslovakia). Having originally studied medicine in Prague, she gave up her studies to become a fashion model at the age of 26. She was hired as one of the models for the Wonderbra, and she was popular in Europe for her Wonderbra billboards. In the United States, she modeled for Victoria's Secret.
[edit] Personal life

On 22 December 1998, she married French football player Christian Karembeu who is of Austronesian ancestry.
Adriana Sklenarikova
Adriana Sklenarikova
Adriana Sklenarikova
Adriana Sklenarikov
Adriana Sklenarikov

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