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Hairstyles 2011 Projections

One of the issues that are hard to make news as a male hair :) relations with the women's hair and women's hair for me, too complex to alşaılmayacak :) . Hair Showing care, hair dyeing, shapes, styles ....
I do my part and again in 2011 like what hair models which more accurately encounter with hair models may be a trend report. Here you've seen images, fashion editors, for the year 2011 hair fashion models öngürülerini represents everything that I tell you something, but always in our country do not match. For example, last year I have long braided hair fashion would have written, all has become fashionable in Europe, etc., but did not see so much interest in our country differs from countries and cultures the concept of fashion.

"Projections 2011 Hairstyles"

Projections for 2011 hairstyles, straight hair kahkullü.

Projections for 2011 hair style, hair is collected.
2011 Hair Model Projections, short hair .
2011 Hair Model Projections, last year's fashions, hair left shoulder down.
2011 Hair Model Projections, right or left-shaped hair- s.

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