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Winter Hand and Nail Care

Winter Hand and Nail Care

Landscaped in the hands of a woman must be well maintained. Your skin is like the nails are affected by the cold weather. Therefore, extra care must show the nails on cold days. Your nails are more prone to breakage in cold weather. Long-term contact with harmful chemicals and cold water also can cause color degradation. Here are tips to protect your nails.

- Extreme cold, exposed nail fragility s will increase. For this reason, cold weather, always wear gloves and after contact with cold water

nails are thoroughly dry.

- Water is necessary to protect natural moisture of your hands. Do not forget to drink water during the winter months. Dry hands will be much more sensitive to external factors. In need of your hands can give to them, such as moisture cream you can have the smooth and unblemished appearance.

- To provide the desired effect of each finger separately, apply moisturizer to massage the roots of the nail. Do not forget to also foot the same process for nails.

- Healthy nutrition is the key to healthy nails. Protein, an essential nutrient for the strengthening and extension of your nails. Biotin and folic acid is required for the perfect nails. If you include these elements of your daily diet can have a more healthy nails.

Basic Rules of Healthy Nutrition

1 - Breakfast in the most essential meal of the day. The golden rule is to start your day at the latest within 1 hour after waking up to make breakfast. Lemon juice 1 cup of warm water to drink before breakfast your metabolism will be activated. Do not eat the same thing for breakfast every day.

2 - your metabolism will be happy, eat seasonal foods.

3 - the right shop. Fill your kitchen the right foods, healthy feed. Exchange of places to meet hygiene rules and do tokken.

4 - Be sure to read labels of products that you receive. Please note when reading the label: Ingredients in the list of nutrients in the first place, that most of the product field.

5 - Refrigerator getaways, theft of someone else's plate, eat snacks without realizing the Center, calls the unconscious calories and weight.

6 - Use smaller plates and eat what you eat, but not necessarily your own your plate.

7 - a hearty, non-high calorie snacks, fast food, junk food is likely to happen again and if consumed in large portions is responsible for excess weight.

8 - Take advantage of spices to cook delicious meals. Particular, tarragon, basil, thyme, mint, red pepper, coriander, turmeric, cumin, garlic and lemon do not hesitate to use.

9 - vegetables and fruits each with a different color, different benefits. Therefore, each color is sofralarınızda care.

10 - Saturation point, know and take your plate to eat in moderation, after the store leftovers. I often eat but eat less.

11 - Win the habit of drinking water. On a regular basis every day for water, because water is not stored. Do not put any other alternative instead of water.

12 - Every day or 4 days a week should do the sport.

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