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Converse red Shoes " Product Red "

Product Red, styled as (PRODUCT)RED, is a brand licensed to partner companies such as American Express, Apple Inc., Starbucks, Converse, Motorola, Gap, Emporio Armani, Hallmark, Microsoft, and Dell. It is an initiative begun by U2's frontman, Bono, and Bobby Shriver of DATA to raise money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Bobby Shriver has been announced as the CEO of Product Red, whilst Bono is currently an active public spokesperson for the brand.

Each partner company creates a product with the Product Red logo. In return for the opportunity to increase their own revenue through the Product Red products they sell, a percentage of the profit is given to the Global Fund.[1]

Coverse red Shoes " Product Red "

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Product Red has been criticized for not having an impact proportional to the advertising investment and being much less efficient than direct charitable contribution[4] and for having a lack of transparency with the regards to the amount of money going to charity as a percentage of every purchase.[5] Some critics argue that a retail middleman between donor and charity is unnecessary; donors should just give.[6] Another critique is that Product Red's expansion into traditional fundraising techniques, such as art auctions, undermines its claim to be a different and more sustainable approach to raising money for AIDS.[7] Other critics have pointed out that its emphasis on funding treatment for AIDS sufferers meant that large amounts of the money will ultimately end up with pharmaceutical companies.[8] Many accuse the campaign of profiting by using diseases as a marketing vehicle.[8] In the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Mark Rosenman wrote that it was an "example of the corporate world aligning its operations with its central purpose of increasing shareholder profit, except this time it is being cloaked in the patina of philanthropy."[9] The t-shirt company BustedTees sold a shirt that read "RETARD (RED)", with the tagline "Take that, Bono."[10]

Anti-sweatshop activists have criticized the project's links with Gap, which has historically been a target of anti-sweatshop activists, despite Product Red's assurance that its products are not manufactured in sweatshops.[11]

Data released by Advertising Age claims retail participants in Product Red including Gap, Motorola and Apple, Inc. have invested $100 million in advertising and raised only $18 million for The Global Fund[4]. Apple donated $10 of the sale of their $149 iPod during the initial stages of the campaign, and no longer discloses how much it donates.[12] Product Red states on their website that they donate "up to" half of their gross profits.[13] They have now raised over $50 million for The Global Fund, the greatest private donation to be received by the organization to date.[14]

Converse red Shoes " Product Red "

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